TRADING IS A JOURNEY- Attitude towards it is a Basic essentiality

Many of us may have a past with Trading Experience , called LOSS

Whatever is said here is a part of many of us including me… the key point for you first is not to hate/fight your mistakes but to embrace them by realising the harm they did to you…

Market is not a money making machine…. UNTIL you made yourself ELIGIBLE with some qualities to press the right buttons….

When we enter as a novice, due to impatience we often use it wrongly and then break those buttons, and are never working hard to put them back in shape…

By the time we realise what mistake we have done, we have either already quit trying or already lost it all…

Market always gives us experiences FIRST and lessons LAST…when we approach without any caution

The one who is smart, learns his lessons along with experience OR he is too busy fighting market FOR why he was given the experience….

The one who fights never gets it for life….the whole life gets spent in struggling against the tide, instead of focussing efforts on going with the tide

The one who is smart learning his lessons, still has a CHANCE….

So my friends… Know yourself who you have been, who you are right now and who you want to be ? — A FIGHTER , SAILOR or a CAPTAIN.. each of them require different attitudinal journeys with background of absorption

If you go around and post this message talking about your failure in all social groups the probable thing that would happen is …. some People will sympathise and give advice, Secondly some tipsters will come to you to take services, some people may give you some trades to help you….among a few outcomes

You may choose not to indulge in any of those…

BEGIN TO INTROSPECT more deeper to attain your Winning Formula which can work with more consistency and higher probability over time and markets.. Begin to consider and accept Failure as a part of this profession just as Success.. Try to make Failures light on pocket and Successes Sweet.. Even small money counts as profits.. Have a Trade plan…. above all Respect everything around the profession as an outcome and plan for them in advance.

Acceptance causes a lot of pains to Disappear !

Always know there will be NO quick fixes or shortcuts to success EVER…..

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