The background for the QUEST

There is huge lot of content available on the public domain (including numerous books, websites, youtube, etc.,) which general public or retail traders get access to or being made to access free-of-cost as well.

And there are huge lot of Trading software providers who not only sell the software for generating trading signals for buy/sell but also provide tons of pre-programmed tools such as Indicators/oscillators/scanners/programs, data feeds, etc., which generates huge volume of business perennially for them for pre and post sales maintenance.

Retailers are huge in number, but still LOSE a lot of money despite all this knowledge and tools! Why??? The reason is pretty simple… they are retail in nature…

While Institutions are smaller in number but GAIN HUGE almost all the time! They professionally work different by using the retail knowledge provided to them on all sources as tools to make money. This lead us to explore more on the psychology part of the “order flow” & retailers are “tricked” by the GREED and FEAR they possess.

These contents & tools nature is to give the retailer a feeling of euphoria of having “learnt” a lot and enthuse them to participate in financial markets with their hard earned money. Soon and ultimately, we end up paying huge costs to them but ultimately end up with limited/inconsistent profits to losses in long run. The risks are higher and the rewards are lower. Many times there is no clear definition of ENTRY, STOPLOSS and TARGETS to make a clear decision as a lot of confusion exists triggering a lot of emotional stress. We found that we were missing the very origin of turning points and continuum in markets, which if we found a way to participate, we could get huge results to make tons of PROFITS !

When we practiced and researched in to these, we began a process of “Elimination” as we began to see each of the elements causing LAGGING nature on trades.


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