The Evolution of PAT as a Quest- The Excitement

In Every study, we concluded that whatever indication you get suggested by single or combination of the Indicators/oscillators and the programs written to provide buy/sell signals by softwares based on these ultimately provide late signals to enter a trade and by then the price has already moved away from origin and Ufff!… many a times once we enter, we see price giving a small profit and then turning against only to turn the small profits to losses. And conventional patterns always provides an approximate entries , bigger stoplosses, which obviously reduces Reward/Risk on trades and high rates of failure due to approximations and imaginary play.

The origins of price moves are where we could get the MINIMISED STOPLOSS and a MAXIMISED PROFIT !

After a while, you know where the process of elimination ended and what we were left with??? …..only PRICE on a Chart!

Ultimately, we had an EUREKA moment when we could finally crack the puzzle and realized that PRICE is the ULTIMATE element which decides EVERYTHING!


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