It has come to our notice that there are many offering PRICE ACTION TRADING Training, after our Program Launch & Success in India. Extremely happy to see the analysis name catching prominence in India but want to say a few words for your understanding and benefit.

There are many conventional patterns/analysis techniques which are also a family of Price Action Trading like Harmonics, Candlestick patterns, others include mathematical workings, Simple Demand/Supply, etc., which are being delivered under the same name due to the popularity.

Also, we see many are offering programs under PRICE ACTION TRADING/ ADVANCED PRICE ACTION TRADING and teaching conventional concepts packaged, quoting attractive Fees. If you wish to go ahead, at least, ensure you have observed their Analytics/Charts in Live Market over a period of time to judge your investment in Learning.

In fact, to even deliver lecture in short-term, the mentor needs to have extreme skill and first-hand practice, which you can figure out by observing their work, like you can see in this Channel. So suit yourself!

At the end, it’s your own hard-earned money for the program and especially beyond when you apply them in real markets. If trained by mentors without proper knowledge and experience, it can be a Chakravyuh!

YES… Learning Cost is also an Investment for Future, Do not gamble. Every Trader who is serious about a career in stock market, must INVEST in learning otherwise there is total RISK on the whole CAPITAL, without proper Know-How of How it works or How to play it. Either you spend time on learning by yourself which can be time consuming or you seek learning from someone who has clarity on the strategies already to teach.

Painful though, have been seeing many traders are willing to lose money in wrong trades without proper knowledge than to INVEST for their future trading career. As a result, many blow out their accounts with unclear/outdated strategies, experimenting on their own Or learn through in-experienced trainers. This is why observation is important over a period of time before Investing in a learning program.

In this Channel, we Don’t use Conventional Patterns/ INDICATORS/ Oscillators / Volume /Retail Demand-Supply/ Etc., that are available in Open Sources already (books/internet/youtube/etc). These have less accuracy/ success rates and are purposely put out to tame retailers. Institutional Trading concepts are used for analysis and that’s how you see such Rewards on the setups posted here. This knowledge is deeply researched, developed and filtered with a lot of hard work and extensively practised to be applicable in all types of markets.

Since many are commonly using the name PRICE ACTION TRADING, changing the Channel name to ADVANCED TRADING STRATEGIES- PRICE ACTION TRADING with immediate effect.

Hope this will sufficiently clarify the background on which content is posted here. This is not to demean others, but to keep the differentiation and keep you all clear.


This Unique work requires a Mentor to have depth of “Exclusive knowledge with associated Psychology and trading Practice” & first-hand experience to Teach fluidly.

Students need proper tutoring and mentoring to guide the practice. Every learning has its Learning Curve to master and a mentor guides you through it in a Systematic process. Any lack on either side would delay the learning curve. At our academy, we ensure the best mentor is on the job dedicated to coach every student.

This Art of advanced PRICE ACTION Trading requires a fundamental in-depth understanding of every element of price behaviour and extensive practice by students through homework /observations and mentoring.

Many are offering SHORT FAST TRACK courses in the market, but practically, the entire knowledge cannot be imparted in a few days. Plus, to support students, the mentor needs to have sufficient experience first-hand and spend some time till the concepts sink with live market scenarios. Fast Track programs without practice can be futile. Ensure that you back up with vigorous practice. Clear understanding comes from Mentor support as in short time its impossible to grasp the depth of whole curriculum, if not delivered by a systematic experienced training process. Hope you know what I mean. So Don’t waste your money on Fast Track programs without proper base for decision.

For students benefit, THE MASTER CLASS PROGRAM (offered by Academy for Advanced Trading Strategies-AATS) is designed as a Professional program for serious learners, who are willing to work on advanced learning in a systematic process-oriented manner. This is possible under the guidance of well-trained & experienced professional traders as Exclusive Mentor and Coach.

ACADEMY for ADVANCED TRADING STRATEGIES (AATS) offers THE MASTER CLASS Program only at the Training cost as per time quotient of mentors only. The potential value of the program’s contents are highly effective and valuable. This is to purely benefit the Indian Traders from getting access to the profound World class knowledge, in an easy to understand version right from ZERO to ADVANCED LEVEL and be successful.

Internationally, some master trading mentors charge over ten times for this content with variations, NOT even as deep and wide as THE MASTER CLASS PROGRAM content, yet at this unbelievable price.

Hope you can imagine the richness in design capability of AATS which made it suitable for any Market, Any Instrument (Equity, Derivatives, Commodity and Forex). The Academy has taken all measures to keep the contents comprehensive to make students understand and apply students with proper discipline and has been a guiding force to aspiring Professional Traders.

Institutional PRICE ACTION TRADING Analysis offered through THE MASTERCLASS PROGRAM is a CLASS on its own without any NOISE creating elements. These analytic techniques have Supreme accuracy, High Success rate, LOW risk/High reward trade setups, etc., as a result of knowledge application. Yet, like any education, it requires proper guidance, especially when your hard-earned money is at stake, a Fee is worth for Knowledge-Transfer from a Professional trader to a Learner.

THE MASTERCLASS PROGRAM is an ONE-OF-ITS-KIND comprehensive learning program in India, distinctly designed after thorough research and filtering of best analytics methodologies, which you cannot see in any Book or Website or You-tube. These techniques detail the Institutional way of trading (the 2%, that play-out the balance 98% of Trading World).

AATS programs are TRANSFORMATIONAL in nature of outcome. The Feedbacks shared here are a testimony for it.

Our students see PRICE Chart with NEW EYES after Every Topic and never heard depth on each subject from Institutional perspective.

The World is DIFFERENT with those Eyes! Come Experience the Journey of Transformation yourself!

Those who have witnessed the Work done using just a few concepts of the program in this Channel, you might Learn it ALL and be a MASTER of your OWN DESTINY with a Professional Approach.


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The author is a Coach, Trainer and Mentor in PRICE ACTION TRADING Methodologies. To Enroll to his programs do visit the Learning Section at https://advancedtradingstrategies.com/learning/


  1. Viren Patel says:

    I am learning Technical Analyst help of some books available on google. And reach to you by telegram interested to attend seminar if in ahmedabad and if not then would like to learn suitable platform which ever you provide.

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