Introduction to Price Action Trading


Welcome to the World of Price Action Analysis with ZERO INDICATORS . Yes… PRICE IS EVERYTHING and it is THE ONLY LEADING INDICATOR ON A CHART !! 

In all our Analysis, Clear STOPLOSS, ENTRY AND TARGET ( S.E.T ) are SPECIFIED precisely and We respect our Stoplosses Very diligently. We believe, that Money Saved is Money Earned and This helps us to STAY active in the Market to take further trade Opportunities.

Some of our Members ask us what scanning System we use to Pick Stocks…… There is no better scanner than your own Eyes. With practice on Naked Chart Reading and ZERO indicators, you are absolutely taking away all the NOISE and confusion from making a TRADE…. ITs a ZERO investment in software etc… Believe in yourself and do the work & Be patient, Results will come your way

Your trading journey of being a retail participant Ends here! 

In our program we teach Price Action Analysis which deals with High probability institutional levels and presented in the easiest way of understand for Learning and  trading. 

Those who wish to trade our analysis are requested to consult their financial advisor and play on their own risk management plan as we do not provide any Tips or Advisory Calls!

Our Analysis is based on advanced Price Action concepts in conjunction with Real Supply and Demand without ANY conventional Lagging indicators. infact ZERO INDICATORS !

Because we clearly understand that The Only Leading Indicator on the Chart is PRICE itself!!!

PRICE ACTION TRADING ANALYSIS provides us a very clear way to understand behavior of Price Behavior very deeply in every single timeframe !

The Background of our Research.. CLICK HERE