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The Motto

Enriching lives worldwide with Advanced Trading Strategies with its flagship Price Action Knowledge & Driving retailers towards Financial Independence in a professional foundation !

The Mission is to offer educational program on PRICE ACTION, designed by the professional trader & coach who teach & mentor directly to equip individuals with exceptional knowledge to trade in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Forex markets ! 


What created this Work

  The Programs are the passionate culmination of team work by a team of young individuals since 2015, who started their journeys as Novice traders and graduated to Professional Traders by their hard-work, intellectual zeal to solve the market puzzle through their research-work and by putting together many different facets that market really works-on to produce huge results in real-time. 

The Team had, in past researched and applied numerous techniques-by learning through various medium (books/ websites/ videos/ programs/ etc.,) and applied them dedicatedly right from indicators/oscillators to conventional patterns to basic demand/ supply studies. The results were mixed to medium… in short to say ordinary or mediocre with less consistency. They had too many limitations due to the very lagging nature of them. The Quest to find the most effective trading methodologies, formed the basis for further research and development to create this work.

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SUMANTH KUMAR J N, Re-Engineering specialist, Professional Trader & Mentor

Sumanth Kumar J N, born in 1975,  is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer with 18 years of professional experience in the Supply Chain Management experience and specializes in the systems and processes of Production/ Quality & Outsourcing fields. He is also an expert in Work study, Method study and Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering fields. He worked on a fast track career from 1998 starting as a Management Trainee to Deputy General Manager in a leading Apparel company M/s ColorPlus Fashions Limited (a flagship company of M/s Raymond Apparel Limited) till Dec’2011 and also set up several manufacturing units individually right from design to Management of facilities. 

His second career was as Head of Production at M/s Burnt Umber Fashions Private Ltd where again he established its manufacturing facilities and Vendor management right from scratch. The monotony of the work life and the profound interest and love he had for the Stock Market, Technical Analysis and transforming retailers’ lives through teaching and mentoring has made him decide to shift his career to Trading and Mentoring.

Started his stock market trading since 2008, he has a long Novice trading experience and has specialized in the psychology and perils of Novice/Retail traders and now a successful professional trader since December 2015. In a way, he is an expert in Novice traders’ psychology and has worked on solutions to the problems faced by them and specializes in the transformational journey from novice to professional trading.

His strengths are analyzing and trading in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities and Forex Market instruments. 

Co-partnering with his associates, THE STOPLOSS TRADERS PROGRAM was co-founded and started delivering the extra-ordinary content to the retail traders since September 2016 and later founded TSLT ACADEMY in July 2017.

Sumanth Kumar J N now functions  dedicatedly as a Mentor and owner of Academy for Advanced Trading Strategies to deliver his transformational program.

He believes in the quest for knowledge, finding logical solutions to the puzzles, Breaking psychological myths, relies on hard work and continuous learning and to remain as a Student forever !   With his extensive research, he believes Price Action can be applied on all markets-both domestic and international with limitless opportunities.

He is a living example, who does not follow Rumors, News, News channels, Newspapers, Media reports, Fund house reports, anything that influences general retailers and works only on Charts based on pure PRICE ACTION based trading methodologies. He strongly believes that financial markets can be handled with Ease, with the right knowledge and discipline and when he can do it.. Everybody can do it ! 

He resides at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and can speak several languages and has an Inspirational aura to motivate people and loves mentoring !

Along with his Team Awesome, his Vision is to make the programs of the ACADEMY FOR ADVANCED TRADING STRATEGIES accessible to all retailers and make it  one of the THE WORLD’S BEST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION for MARKET TRADERS through its DELIVERY MODEL with complete CUSTOMER CENTRIC APPROACH !

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