Organisational Core



To become a World Class Educational and Trading institution from India, in the field of Financial Markets across all Asset Classes through best delivery and support to all its clients and to create transformational change in individual’s lives through our customer centric focused work, helping people to achieve financial independence and to conduct all business transactions in an ethical fashion.

FOR MENTORS and INSTRUCTORS and commitment towards Learners

To become exceptional Professional traders and Mentors who will create profound results for themselves and also cause the transformational change in people’s lives through their mentorship and ongoing extra-ordinary research as a humble student for life especially in the financial markets.

Committed to work towards enriching the learner with the essential Price Action trading knowledge and Tools, that will make him/her approach the market as a well-informed individual on their path to Professional Trading in the Financial Market


To be socially and environmentally responsible both as individuals and as an organization in all facets of conduct and to conserve the fabric of humanity and planetary nature at all times and take steps towards preserving the values.



The Institution of Learning works on those specialty areas which cause breakthrough techniques and practice of methodologies in overcoming the limiting nature of several myths encountered by retail trading from conventional thinking, analysis techniques and practices. 

The Institute’s advance PRICE ACTION concepts that uses the most leading indicator as PRICE itself and its courses focus on minimalistic utilization of resources/tools yet creating low risk high yielding profound leveraged positive results in the financial markets, thus bringing in transformational change from the very fundamental psychological level of thinking. 




Give customers a reason to do business with you.The Institute’s Mentor, through the experience, deep research and the teaching methodology of its mentors, aims to enrich the Learners with path-breaking techniques and thought processes, which not only give them clarity of price reading but also helps to achieve mastery in handling financial markets as a by-product of doing the work as designed by the mentors of the Academy in the program. 

The work done by the mentor is world class and the program is conducted in a thoroughly professional fashion. It works from deep down psychological level to create the results that the learners envisage for them and to meet their objectives with their own practice independently and helps create professional traders.